Hey all you beans!

It's that time of year again when we are in need of new moderators! Exciting isn't it? We're looking for some awesome new people to join our ranks and help us in taking care of the server. So if you're mature, hardworking and generally wanting to help keep Beanblockz a safe and happy place, then you should give applying a shot and continue reading below for more information on how you can do it!

In order to ensure we pick the right players for the position, we have a set process for applications that you can find below:
  • Forum Application: This is the application form linked at the bottom of the page. The application contains a standard set of questions which will be used to find out some details about you, which will allow us to decide whether or not we think you're a suitable candidate.
  • Discord Interview: If we like your forum application, we will potentially invite you onto either our Discord server where we'll have a short chat (15 minutes or so) where we'll hopefully get to know you a little better - this is nothing to be nervous about, so please don't be! We'll also link you a few videos & screenshots of players breaking the rules and ask you how you'd handle them if you were the moderator who answered the report.
If we're satisfied with your answers and decide to recruit you to our team, we'll invite you to...
Hey everyone,

As the title suggests today we are going to be announcing monthly build competitions! We will be running official monthly build competition on the server which will allow you to win some awesome prizes. The theme will be different each month and may relate to an event (Christmas, for example) or could be a generic theme. We hope that these competitions will bring in more players on the server from Joel's channel and also provide more content for our current Creative players.

The theme for this month is 'Kingdoms' - inspired by the newly launched KingdomCraft series on the Smallishbeans YouTube channel.

The competition will close on the 28th of September - winners will be announced a few days later on October 1st - this is also when we will announce the theme for the following month.

In order to enter your build into the competition, you must create a new thread here with the following information:
  • Minecraft IGN
  • Plot ID
  • Screenshots (upload to, or your preferred image hosting site)
With every competition there are a few rules - we ask that you follow these otherwise your entry may not be counted.
  • Builds MUST be on the competition server. (/competition on the server, or choose 'Creative -> Competition' in the server...
Hello everyone!

I hope everyone's been having a lovely summer(or winter depending on where you live)! As you can tell from the title of this thread, it's competition time here on Beanblockz once again, but this time with a little twist! This competition is for our Discord server, so if you're not familiar with it, please check it out as sometimes we post updates there that we don't post anywhere else. Without getting anymore off track, this is a competition for new custom emojis for our Discord Server - so if you're an artist or just want to give it a shot, then here's your chance to shine.

Competition Rules/Guidelines

  • All entries must be of your own creation and not stolen from somewhere
  • You may submit up to three emojis and all entries must be submitted to this thread
  • While you can submit three images, keep in mind that you can only win once
  • All entries must be uploaded to
  • All entries must comply with server rules, meaning that they must be 100% appropriate
  • While Discord allows images of 128x128 pixels to be uploaded, be reminded that they are automatically resized to 32x32, so when creating your images, make sure that they meet these requirements
  • Last, but not least, all entries need to be Beanblockz related in some way, shape or form

Now, onto the fun part! For this competition, we...
18 Aug
Feature Update: Plot Downloads Thomas
Hi all,

Today we are announcing a new feature on the Creative server - the ability to download your own plot! This feature has been highly requested on the server and can be very useful in a variety of scenarios: A few examples of these are:
  • You don't have enough plots left and want to build something new, but don't want to delete one of your existing builds forever
  • We run a competition and you want to take a copy of your plot before the Competition Server closes
  • You've worked long and hard on something and want to import it into your own single player world (or your own private server for you and your friends)
There are definitely more ways you can utilise this feature, but we'll leave it to you to come up with those. Right now there is no way to import plots (and we don't think there ever will be) - this is purely exportation. The feature is live and ready to be used on the server for players with the King rank or above.

Instructions are included as a spoiler at the bottom of this post should you want to give it a try. We'll post them in the Creative section of the forums too so that you can find them easily in the future.

That's all for today - happy playing!


It's simple to download your plot and will only take a few minutes. First, you'll want to...
07 Jul
Scheduled Maintenance Announcement Jesse
Hi everyone,

The past 36 hours have been crazy!

Our network has been struggling to keep up with the huge amounts of players joining, so we will be doing some maintenance later today to optimise the servers and improve your experience whilst playing. All of our servers will go down tonight (Sunday) at 8PM EST... which is 1AM if you are in the British timezone. During this time, you will not be able to join the BeanBlockz server as we will be enabling maintenance mode.

We do not have an ETA at this time as to how long maintenance will take. We recommend to keep an eye out on this page for more information. During today's scheduled updates, we will also be changing some things up on the Classic server (see poll here), and we will be pushing some mandatory bug fixes for all the issues that you have reported (including giving back claim blocks, etc.). After maintenance, we will post a changelog here and in our Discord.

Thank you all for playing BeanBlockz and apologies for the inconvenience whilst we are working to make things as smoothly as possible!



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